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Women in Blockchain Meetup at NYC Blockchain Center

April 24 @ 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm EDT

Women in Blockchain Meetup at NYC Blockchain Center: Blockchain for Indigenous Communities Decentralize – Decolonize

Please join Women in Blockchain (wib.community) and Christi Olson, Co Founder of Blockchain for Reconciliation to learn about how this organization is helping indigenous communities affirm their legal and rights as independent nations.

One of the opportunities of blockchain is securing ownership and increasing control over their resources for underserved communities.
Christi will share the unique circumstances of some indigenous communities, to leverage blockchain for digital equity and their hope to reverse the injustices from a system that has always put these communities last.

Be it through more frictionless and transparent systems of governance, distributed identity systems, or encrypted communication, there are many avenues for promoting Indigenous autonomy while helping communities become competitive in the current technological landscape.

About Blockchain for Reconciliation:

Blockchain for Reconciliation was founded in response to the 94 calls to action put forward by Canada’s Truth and Reconciliation commission.They provide education to Indigenous communities on emerging tech applications and how they can be used to enhance and preserve their culture as opposed to replacing it.

They also provide tech companies with education on the unique benefits and scalability of Indigenous userbases, as well as how to approach these communities in the spirit of collaboration as opposed to colonization.

Blockchain for Reconciliation believes that digital equity is the fastest route to overall equity, and that sovereign Indigenous territories are uniquely positioned to thrive in our decentralized future.



Pay $6 as a signal of your commitment…we want to see you!
The funds of No-shows will support one of the next meetups.
Fee doubles 24hrs before the event.

If you can’t afford the fee please get in touch.
Everyone is welcome.