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Creating Decentralized Identity Systems: Event at NYC Blockchain Center

March 21 @ 5:30 pm - 7:30 pm EDT

Creating Decentralized Identity Systems: Educational Event at NYC Blockchain Center

About this Event

“Identity is how we recognize, remember and ultimately respond to people and things.” — Joe Andrieu, Primer on Functional Identity
Many of the practical questions about blockchain technology involve the concept of identity. What do participants need to form a network? How can distributed systems protect against sybil attacks? Who is allowed to update shared resources?

Join us at NYC Blockchain Center for a presentation & workshop on self-sovereign identity. We’ll cover public key infrastructure (PKI), web of trust (PGP), the W3C specification for decentralized identifiers (DIDs), existing methods (uPort, Sovrin, etc.), verifiable credentials, governance, regulatory issues (GDPR), and even a bit of philosophy. All information has identity!


6:00pm – 6:15pm ~ Guests arrive, check in
6:15pm -6:30pm ~ Introduction
6:30pm-7:00pm ~ Presentation
7:00-7:30pm ~ Workshop
7:30pm ~ Networking
For additional info, check out Rebooting Web of Trust and the Decentralized Identity Foundation.

Documents from RWoT8 in Barcelona (March 2019):

Latest DIF articles:
The Self-Sovereign Identity Stack by Oliver Terbu
Sidetree Protocol: Scalable DPKI for Decentralized Identity by Daniel Buchner

Relevant example:
British Columbia pioneers Self-Sovereign Identity – Building Digital Trust into the Web

Limited Capacity, please RSVP. Doors open 5:30pm.