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IBM Developer Event: Detecting Objects with a Drone

October 28, 2019 @ 6:30 pm - 8:45 pm EDT

IBM Developer Event: Detecting Objects with a Drone

NYC Blockchain Center and Founding Member IBM Developer Team cohost this series of developer events.


Please bring proof of RSVP and ID in order to attend.


About the Event

Many call artificial intelligence (AI) a “black box”, which it kind of is. One of the biggest problems of AI is that it’s incredibly difficult to understand how the data is being interpreted. In this talk we will show how you can use this “black box” with a drone to detect physical objects by uncovering the technology behind Computer Vision and Object Detection.

Whether you are counting cars on a road or people who are stranded on rooftops in a natural disaster, there are plenty of use cases for object detection. Often times, pre-trained object detection models do not suit your needs and you need to create your own custom models. In this talk not only will we talk about creating custom models, but we will show an example of you can prototype a drone to detect these objects.

How do we prototype a drone? With Node-RED of course. Node-RED is a free, open source logic engine that allows programmers of any level to easily write code that can connect to APIs, hardware, IoT devices or online services. Users interact with Node-RED via a browser-based flow editor that makes multi-device and multi-API integrations as easy as linking together nodes into easily understood flows which can run locally on your computer, or on IoT a device such as Raspberry Pi or in this case a Tello Drone, and even in the cloud.


By the end of this workshop attendees should be able to walk away with:

– Overall all understanding of Object Detection

– Overall understanding of Node-RED

– Overall understanding of how to program a Tello Drone to detect objects!



6:30pm – doors open, food & networking

6:45pm – introductions round robin

7-8pm – hands-on workshop

8-8:30pm – additional working time

8:45pm – venue closes


Who is this event for?

This workshop is for both beginners and experienced developers, makers, tech enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, and anyone who is interested in object detection.


Get a head start with IBM Cloud, sign up via: https://ibm.biz/Bdzg7q


About the Presenter

Pooja Mistry (@poojamakes) is a developer advocate for IBM Cloud. She works on expanding the reach of IBM’s technology to New York City’s developer community. Her area of interest includes prototyping with NodeRED and working with AI services to build fun and interesting things! Prior to living in NYC, Pooja lived in Boston, MA where she was working as an API automation engineer in the healthcare tech industry. She mainly works in Javascript and Java, however she tinkers with Python. She is currently passionate about Node-RED and building IoT applications using Node-RED services. She is a strong believer in helping new technologist get up and running with technology and feel confident in their abilities to make!


NYC Blockchain Center
54 West 21st Street Suite 1001, New York, NY 10010
New York, NY 10010 US
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